Signposts for Living Book 5, Parenting - Love, Pride, Apprenticeship
Signposts for Living Book 5, Parenting - Love, Pride, Apprenticeship

Signposts for Living Book 5, Parenting - Love, Pride, Apprenticeship

Kirsten , Hunter

Paperback / Sewn | English
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We often lament that we don't get a manual for parenting. So here it is: the psychology of parenting. This book will help you understand the 'whys' of your child's needs, creating the foundation for your parenting skills. This book outlines concrete skills that will increase your confidence as a parent, supporting you in taking this loving leadership role in your family. ****The wisdom and knowledge of psychology is only drip fed to the public. Signposts for Living captures over 20 years of professional practice, giving everybody and anybody the capacity to live life with a smug joy. It is a brave and scary thing to take responsibility for your life choices. Covering 205 areas that you need to know, Signposts for Living is your manual for being. *****SIGNPOSTS FOR LIVING SERIES* Book 1 CONTROL YOUR CONSCIOUSNESSBook 2 UNDERSTANDING MYSELFBook 3 MINDFULNESS AND STATE OF FLOWBook 4 UNDERSTANDING OTHERSBook 5 PARENTINGBook 6 NAILING BEING AN ADULT*****

Kirsten Hunter is a clinical psychologist and has had the great fortune of having worked with child clients for 21 years. It is an absolute honour that children let her into their worlds to hear their struggles and their confusion. Helping them and preventing their problems from continuing to haunt them into their future is the most meaningful job that you could imagine. Beautiful Squish represents these thousands of children who have shared their world with her, and now hopefully Squish can relate to and help thousands more. On a personal side, her husband and Kirsten are so fortunate to have five sons of our own. Children are just awesome creatures, let's listen to them and learn from them.

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    Signposts for Living
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    Nov 2021
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    Parenting: advice and issues
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    216 x 140 x 7 mm
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    Paperback / Sewn
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