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Knowledge And Truth In Plato

Catherine (university Of East Anglia) Rowett
9780199693658 | English | Hardback / bound | 2018
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Catherine Rowett presents an in depth study of Plato's Meno, Republic and Theaetetus and offers both a coherent argument that the project in which Plato was engaging has been widely misunderstood and More


Plato and the Art of Philosophical Writing

Christopher , Rowe & Rowe , Christopher
9780521131261 | English | Paperback / Sewn | 2009
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Plato's Lysis

Terry , Penner & Christopher , Rowe
9780521103190 | English | Paperback / Sewn | 2008
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The Lysis is one of Plato's most engaging but also puzzling dialogues, often regarded as a philosophical failure. More


Plato And The Art Of Philosophical Writing

Christopher (university Of Durham) Rowe
9780521859325 | English | Hardback / bound | 2007
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A major reassessment by a senior scholar of the whole of Plato's work and philosophical approach. His dialogues are not simple examples of philosophy in action but rather literary-philosophical artefa More


Plato's Lysis

Terry (university Of Durham) Penner & Christopher (university Of Durham) Rowe
9780521791304 | English | Hardback / bound | 2005
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The Lysis is one of Plato's most engaging but also puzzling dialogues; it has often been regarded, in the modern period, as a philosophical failure. The full philosophical and literary exploration of More


Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics

9780198752714 | English | Paperback / Sewn | 2002
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This work presents the Nicomachean Ethics in a fresh English translation by Christopher Rowe that strives to be meticulously accurate yet also accessible. The translation is accompanied by Sarah Broad More


The Cambridge History Of Greek And Roman Political Thought

9780521616690 | English | Paperback / Sewn | 2005
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This book, first published in 2000, is a comprehensive treatment of the political thought of ancient Greece and Rome, beginning with Homer and ending in late antiquity. Written by a team of distinguis More



Christopher Rowe
9780192873552 | English | Hardback / bound | 2023
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Studies on the Text of Aristotle's Eudemian Ethics is a companion volume to the critical edition of Aristotle's Ethica Evdemia in the Oxford Classical Text series, edited by Christopher Rowe. More