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Dirty French: Second Edition: Everyday Slang from What's Up? to F*%# Off!

Adrien , Clautrier & Henry , Rowe
9781646042388 | French | Paperback / Sewn | 2021
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Learn the slang words, modern phrases, and curses they definitely never taught you in French class with this super-handy and hilariously improper English-French phrasebook.You already know enough Fren More


Yellowstone Moose

Rowena , Womack
9781942922339 | French | Paperback / Sewn | 2018
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Je suis Fier Élan, un élan magnifique, et j'ai la chance de vivre au Yellowstone, le plus ancien et le plus grand des parcs nationaux américains. Ici, tout est presque parfait, à l'exception d'une cho More