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When The World Came To The Isle Of Wight Signed

Ray Foulk & Caroline Foulk
9781911487005 | Engels | Overig | 2016
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"When the World Came to the Isle of Wight: Vol 1&2" comprises of SIGNED copies of 'Stealing Dylan from Woodstock', and 'The Last Great Event', shrinkwrapped with an eye-catching bellyband. Meer

€ 44,95

Litpop: Writing And Popular Music

9780367669041 | Engels | Overig | 2020
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€ 47,50

"i Hope You're Living As High On The Hog As The Pig You Turned Out To Be"

Bill Anderson
9781563520990 | Overig | 1994
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€ 16,50

Library Of Essays On Popular Music: 8-volume Set

9781409427193 | Engels | Overig | 2014
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Popular music has become not only one of the most lucrative spheres of human activity, but also one of the most influential on the identities of individuals and communities. Popular music matters and... Meer

€ 1.791,95