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Letters With Love

Cecil Bewes
9781845507398 | Engels | Leren binding | 2011
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- Short, straightforward devotional thought for each day- Covers topics such as worship, guidance, Bible Study and Christian service- A delightful and attractive gift edition365 personal and practical... Meer

€ 15,95

At The Yeoman's House

Dr. Ronald Blythe
9781907587177 | Engels | Leren binding | 2011
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At the Yeoman's House centres on Bottoengoms Farm, East Anglia. The celebrated authour of Akenfield explores the building inhabited by 20th century artist John Nash. It is part of the landscape loved... Meer

€ 113,95

Quotable Osler

Sir William Osler, Mark E. Silverman, T.j. Murray & Charles S. Bryan
9781934465011 | Engels | Leren binding | 2008
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This new deluxe edition expands ACP Press perennial bestseller to include never-before-published photographs, 50 new quotes, and several new essays. The Quotable Osler makes a fine gift for a physicia... Meer

€ 135,50

Cheltenham In Antarctica

David M. Wilson & David B. Elder
9781873877548 | Engels | Leren binding | 2002
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Edward Adrian Wilson is perhaps the most famous native son of Cheltenham. In the early years of the 20th century, he was one of the major influences and personalities of the age of Antartic exploratio... Meer

€ 53,50

Niv Pitt Minion Reference Bible, Brown Goatskin Leather, Red-letter Text, Ni446:xr

9781107661226 | Engels | Leren binding | 2013
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This Bible uses the 2011 NIV text and is presented in the Pitt Minion format, now with paragraph style and a modern digital font. The Bible uses the finest materials: it is printed on India paper with... Meer

€ 133,95

Foxhunting In England, Ireland, And North America

Hugh J. Robards,mfh
9781564161918 | Engels | Leren binding | 2001
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€ 153,95

Lynn Bogue Hunt

Kevin C. Shelly
9781564162052 | Engels | Leren binding | 2003
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An exploration of the artist complete with samples of his work which included Field & Stream covers, LL Bean catalogs, glassware and ceramics. Meer

€ 227,95

George Alfred Henty And The Victorian Mind

Leonard R. N. Ashley
9781573092708 | Engels | Leren binding | 1998
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€ 73,50