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Fast Track To Waste-free Manufacturing On Audio Cassette

John W. Davis
9781563272783 | Engels | Audio cassette | 2002
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Manufacturing in the United States is undergoing a major transition. This book details a system called Waste-Free Manufacturing (WFM) that deploys the lean process. It offers the tools and techniques... Meer

€ 42,95

Winning Score

Mark Graham (manhattan Beach Brown
9781563272769 | Engels | Audio cassette | 2002
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Helps the reader understand and implement performance metrics and the organizational scorecard concept. This title reviews the top balanced scorecard software, provides case studies and checklists, an... Meer

€ 34,95

Leadership Secrets Of Attila The Hun

Wess Roberts
9780671520663 | Engels | Audio cassette | 1995
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Offers maxims and anecdotal tales that demonstrate the leadership capabilities of Attila the Hun, explaining how these qualities can be related to contemporary business situations. Meer

€ 11,95

Reinventing Leadership

Warren G. Bennis & Robert Townsend
9780671528980 | Engels | Audio cassette | 1996
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A critique of the principles which underlie traditional management, which demonstrates how through new leadership techniques corporate leaders can turn mistakes into valuable opportunities, transform... Meer

€ 13,50