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Field Guide To Quantum Mechanics

Brian P. Anderson
9781510622821 | Engels | Ringband | 2019
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Serves as a reference guide to the primary results, explanations, and interpretations of quantum mechanics that foregoes the introductions, derivations, and conceptual discussions found in most textbo... Meer

€ 55,50

Field Guide To Solid State Physics

Marek S. Wartak & Ching-yao Fong
9781510622746 | Engels | Ringband | 2019
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Provides an overview of the basic principles of solid state physics, focusing on the practical aspects and device applications. Topics include crystal structures and dynamics, band structures, quantum... Meer

€ 57,50

Field Guide To Displacement Measuring Interferometry

Jonathan D. Ellis
9780819497994 | Engels | Ringband | 2014
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Provides a practical treatment of the fundamental theory of displacement measuring interferometry, with examples of interferometry systems and uses. It outlines alignment techniques for optical compon... Meer

€ 53,50