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Turn Left At Orion

Guy (vatican Observatory Consolmagno & Dan M. (stony Brook University Davis
9781108457569 | Engels | Ringband | 2019
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This unique and best-selling guidebook to the night sky shows amateur astronomers how to observe a host of celestial wonders. Its distinct format of object-by-object spreads illustrates how deep-sky o... Meer

€ 33,50

Interstellarum Deep Sky Guide Desk Edition

Ronald Stoyan & Uwe Glahn
9781108453134 | Engels | Ringband | 2018
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The interstellarum Deep Sky Guide is an innovative illustrated guide to accompany the well-received interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas. Taking an intuitive visual approach, for each spread of the Atlas, th... Meer

€ 100,50

Cambridge Double Star Atlas

Bruce Macevoy
9781107534209 | Engels | Ringband | 2015
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The first and only atlas of physical double stars that can be viewed with amateur astronomical instruments. Completely rewritten, this new edition explains the latest research into double stars, and l... Meer

€ 47,95

Interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas

Ronald Stoyan & Stephan Schurig
9781107503380 | Engels | Ringband | 2014
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This revolutionary deep sky atlas, designed with the practical observer in mind, shows all deep sky objects according to their actual telescopic visibility, in 4-, 8- and 12-inch telescopes. Spiral-bo... Meer

€ 102,95

Cambridge Star Atlas

Wil Tirion
9780521173636 | Engels | Ringband | 2011
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This classic star atlas is ideal for both beginning astronomers and more experienced observers worldwide. As well as showing the stars, clusters and galaxies visible with binoculars or a small telesco... Meer

€ 38,95

Turn Left At Orion

Guy Consolmagno & Dan M. Davis
9780521153973 | Engels | Ringband | 2011
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Written for beginners, this superb book is a complete guide to the night sky. Now covering Southern hemisphere objects and Dobsonian telescopes in detail, it has never been easier for stargazers of al... Meer

€ 33,50

Practical Astronomy With Your Calculator Or Spreadsheet

Peter (university Of Cambridge) Duffett-smith & Jonathan (columbia University Zwart
9780521146548 | Engels | Ringband | 2011
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The fourth edition of this handbook is ideal for anyone wanting to make astronomical calculations for themselves. Meer

€ 41,50