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In her Footsteps-where trailblazing women changed the world

9781838690458 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2020
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€ 23,95

Talk data to me

Lexter Woodley
9789090328126 | Engels | Hardback / gebonden | 2020
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What is your answer...?"𝐌𝐞𝐧 𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐧 𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲 𝐚𝐟Ү... Meer

€ 19,98

Amazing Planet Square Wall Calendar 2021

9781529803600 | Engels | Kalender | 2020
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Celebrate the wonders of this world with the Amazing Planet 2021 calendar! The calendar features 12 breathtaking photographs of some of our natural wonders. Each month has a spacious date grid and inf... Meer

€ 13,99

Where's Wally Square Wall Calendar 2021

9781529809114 | Engels | Kalender | 2020
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Have fun all year long searching for Wally! Every month of this 2021 calendar features a colourful cartoon with a list of things to find, and lots of space to note your important dates. Meer

€ 13,99

Antoni Gaudi Square Wall Calendar 2021

9781529805826 | Engels | Kalender | 2020
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Admire the amazing architecture of Spanish-born Antoni Gaudi throughout this stunning calendar for 2021. Each month features a magnificent example of his work and a spacious date grid for your notes. Meer

€ 13,99

Cute Cats Square Wall Calendar 2021

9781529804812 | Engels | Kalender | 2020
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Fall head over heels with lovable kitties all year long with the Cute Cats calendar for 2021. Adorable monthly photographs accompany plenty of space for your daily commitments. Meer

€ 13,99

Legends Of WW II Square Wall Calendar 2021

9781529806595 | Engels | Kalender | 2020
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Aviation enthusiasts will appreciate the fine paintings of Michael Turner in this 2021 calendar. Legends of WWII showcases some of the most iconic fighter planes from this era and has lots of space to... Meer

€ 13,99

The Dutch, I presume?

Martijn de Rooi
9789076214177 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2014
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‘Do I need flippers when I visit the Netherlands?’ Of course you don’t: dykes keep the water out, and it doesn’t rain 366 days a year, This book deals with the forty best-known Dutch features and ster... Meer

€ 16,95


Olga Mecking
9789021575629 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2020
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‘Niksen’ is the book on the Dutch art of doing nothing, by expert Olga Mecking. Mecking’s research on niksen and her articles in various international media such as ‘The New York Times’ brought worldw... Meer

€ 20,00

The little orange handbook

Stephanie Dijkstra
9789463190145 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2016
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Dutch finger foods. Essential expressions. Integrating into society. Nine things non-Dutch kids love about living here in Holland. Things the Dutch invented. All that and more in this pocket-sized boo... Meer

€ 12,99

Think like a designer, don't act like one

Jeroen van Erp
9789063694852 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2018
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Think Like A Designer, Don't Act Like One gives you 75 inspiring, educational and sometimes hilarious insights in the adventurous minds of the designer. The insights give every professional tools to a... Meer

€ 14,99


Georgien Overwater
9789025873158 | Engels | Hardback / gebonden | 2020
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Rotterdam will surprise you. Shaped by history, modern, alive... Take a boat ride, drive, bike or stroll by its fascinating architecture. There’s so much to see and do! Enjoy the BIG city vibe! Visit... Meer

€ 15,99

The Art of Parenting

Drew de Soto
9789063694807 | Engels | Hardback / gebonden | 2018
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There is an art to parenting, but nobody knows what it is. All the 'how to' books can never prepare you for the fun that lies ahead. The Art of Parenting is a must-have for soon-to-be or new parents.... Meer

€ 7,99

Dutch delight

Sylvia Pessireron
9789076214153 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2012
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Learn what they eat and drink, graze through their eating habits and recipes, and when you’re done, try them, Enjoy Dutch delights like haring (herring), snert (pea soup), stamppot (mashed potatoes an... Meer

€ 16,95


Tom De Geeter
9789460582615 | Engels | Hardback / gebonden | 2019
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In an era rife with listicles and churn-and- burn graphics, TENS manages to hit that rare sweet spot of being able to reel you in, without sacrificing craftsmanship, depth and detail. Belgian-based il... Meer

€ 25,00

The book of do-ness

Sara van de Ven
9789063694517 | Engels | Hardback / gebonden | 2016
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Tired of looking at your screen? Well, get off your butt and DO something! We spend so many hours a day behind screens. We watch TV, play games, scroll through timelines on our social media pages, or... Meer

€ 15,00

Once upon a time I went to...

Lavinia Bakker
9789063694548 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2017
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Traveling is one of the most exciting things you can do. Getting lost in a beautiful forest or visiting every museum in a city; whatever your idea of a perfect trip is, it will always enrich your life... Meer

€ 14,99

Raging Ragas Side A

Nithin Dominic Koshy & Sai Prasanna Menon
9789463453677 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2018
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Talented enough to spark a revolution, young Sagar Das sings his way up the social ladder. But Shankaran - an uncivilized, feudalistic moneylender who lords over his fellow villagers - and his ally Ra... Meer

€ 17,99

Cartoon Bombing

David Troquier
9789082133677 | Engels | Hardback / gebonden | 2017
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Cartoon bombing is an art form introduced by David Troquier, aka Troqman on Instagram, in 2013 in Amsterdam. He combines street art with sketch art and intertwines stories and characters with his surr... Meer

€ 14,99

The magic of the diary of Anne Frank

9789075458763 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid
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How is it possible that a diary of a thirteen-year-old girl has such a huge impact on millions of people all over the world, even seventy years after her death? Is it because we know how cruel her lif... Meer

€ 18,50