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Languages of The Hague

Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade
9789460100901 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2019
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

The Hague, multi-ethnic and multilingual city par excellence, is a veritable linguistic goldmine. For all that, nobody knows how many languages are spoken there. Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade decided... Meer

€ 12,95

Mindset is the difference between the best and the rest

Jerry Morris
9789463457170 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2019
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

A motivational text by Jerry Morris I wrote this book with the main goal to inspire dreamers and nondreamers alike to fulfil their dreams Meer

€ 14,95

Introduction To Sociolinguistics

Janet (victoria University Of Wellington Holmes & Nick (macquarie University Wilson
9781138845015 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2017
  • Voorraad status ophalen...
€ 38,95

How Languages Are Learned

Patsy M. Lightbown & Nina Spada
9780194541268 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2013
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

This prize-winning, readable introduction to research in language acquisition is recommended reading for second language teachers worldwide. Meer

€ 45,95

Living Narrative

Elinor Ochs & Lisa Capps
9780674010109 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2002
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

This pathbreaking book looks at everyday storytelling as a twofold phenomenon--a response to our desire for coherence, but also to our need to probe and acknowledge the enigmatic aspects of experience... Meer

€ 50,95

The story of Frisian in multilingual Friesland

Reitze J. Jonkman & Arjen P. Versloot
9789492176882 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2018
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

In 'The story of Frisian in multingual Friesland', sociolinguist Reitze Jonkman (NHL Stenden, Leeuwarden) and historical linguist Arjen Versloot (University of Amsterdam) tell the history of the Frisi... Meer

€ 14,95


Dr. Bok Kyu Choi
9789402181388 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2018
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

The seeds for the current Korean martial arts were sown 400 years ago. Over the next 200 years the successive Joseon monarchs laid the foundation of an illustrious martial arts system epitomized by th... Meer

€ 21,64

The ABC of Modern Biography

Nigel Hamilton & Hans Renders
9789462988712 | Engels | Hardback / gebonden | 2018
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

In this book - an ABC of the genre, with 26 entries - two renowned biographers and teachers take us on a tour, from A for Authorization to Z for Zigzagging to the End. In trenchant, witty entries they... Meer

€ 29,95

Bans, jails and shameless lies

Fréderike Geerdink
9789082364187 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2016
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Press freedom in Turkey is a hot topic. If a (well known) journalist is detained, prosecuted or sacked in Turkey, the news is covered in full in many Western countries. Nevertheless, many articles and... Meer

€ 9,99

Speaking in silence

Bui Tanh Hieu
9789082364118 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2015
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

In the holiday paradise Vietnam, social media are allowed only to provide and exchange personal information. Bloggers and cyberdissidents who dare to question the government's legitimacy or domestic p... Meer

€ 9,99

Disappearing public spheres

Parvez Alam
9789082364194 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2016
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

'State of Nature' and 'State of exception' have become the only two options for the people of Bangladesh recently, where writers, bloggers and publishers are getting killed by Al-Qaeda affiliates and... Meer

€ 9,99


Amir Valle
9789082364170 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2016
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Amir Valle (Cuba, 1967) offers a unique analysis of the suppression of freedom of expression in Cuba by Fidel Castro's 'revolutionary' government. From the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959 to t... Meer

€ 9,99

Drugs for the mind

Sofie Sun
9789082364125 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2015
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

In the eyes of the Chinese authorities books are too often Drugs for the Mind. Sofie Sun (1986) chose this remarkable description as the title of her investigation into censorship and literature in th... Meer

€ 9,99

Censorship alert

Peter De Haan
9789082364163 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2016
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Dutch economist and diplomat Peter de Haan describes the worrying increase of censorship and self-censorship in the world. A rising number of journalists, bloggers, and writers can't any longer write... Meer

€ 9,99


Dina Meza
9789082364101 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2015
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Freedom of expression in Honduras has been kidnapped. Those who are afraid of the truth attempt to imprison it in the depths of the earth. Kidnapped seeks to expose the problems for freedom of express... Meer

€ 9,99

The dynamics of standing still

Peter den Dekker
9789490580018 | Engels | Hardback / gebonden | 2010
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Het boek The Dynamics of Standing Still is een fascinerende en overtuigende introductie in Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung. De auteur Peter Den Dekker is er niet alleen in geslaagd om de basisprincipes van de ou... Meer

€ 37,95

Contemporary rhetorical citizenship

9789087282165 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2014
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Being a citizen is not just about holding a passport or being allowed to vote. It is also about how we communicate with each other about common societal issues. Rhetorical citizenship is about how we... Meer

€ 43,50

Verbal and visual rhetoric in a media world

9789087281908 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 2013
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Van oudsher is de studie van de retorica gericht op het verbale persuasieve discours in het politieke, juridische of ceremoniële domein. Retorica speelt zich af in de doxa; en focust zich dus op het p... Meer

€ 46,00

Life Stories

Charlotte (director Linde
9780195073737 | Engels | Paperback / Ingenaaid | 1993
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

This is a socio-linguistic study of how people create and exchange coherent oral life stories. It claims that such stories serve a number of psychological and social purposes, including the developmen... Meer

€ 40,95

Language And Media

9780415475730 | Engels | Hardback / gebonden | 2009
  • Voorraad status ophalen...

Covers core areas of English language study. This book provides an introduction to how language interacts with media. It investigates the forms of language found in media discourse; how patterns in su... Meer

€ 118,95