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Holidays On Ice Coaster Book

9780735356658 | Engels | Boek | 2019
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Celebrate the holidays with Christmas Carolers Square Boxed 1000 Piece Puzzle from Galison. Piece together to reveal a classic scene of friends and family charoling in the snow by Louise Cunningham. Meer

€ 20,50

Sunset Boulevard

Andrew Lloyd Webber, Don Black & Christopher Hampton
9780793536917 | Engels | Boek | 1995
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€ 21,50

The Little Green Book

Seymour , Kindbud
9781604331769 | Engels | Boek | 2010
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A take on the "Little Black Book," which reveals all the secrets of its owner, the Little Green Book is a personal repository of all things its owner likes about smoking pot. Highlighted by quotes fro... Meer

€ 12,50

Back To The Fifties

Michael D. (assistant Professor Of Media & Communication Dwyer
9780199356843 | Engels | Boek | 2015
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Through close attention to films like Back to the Future and popular music of artists like Michael Jackson, Back to the Fifties explores how Fifties nostalgia was shaped for a generation of teenagers... Meer

€ 38,50

Mouse That Roared Cb

9780742509832 | Engels | Boek | 1999
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€ 19,95

Fast Food, Stock Cars, And Rock 'n' Roll

George O. Carney
9780585080871 | Engels | Boek | 2000
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€ 39,50

French Moves

Felicia (professor Of French Mccarren
9780199939978 | Engels | Boek | 2013
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This book shows how le hip hop reflects a republic of culture rather than a culture industry; a minority identity politics that takes shape as a movement poetics or figural language; and the public va... Meer

€ 36,50

Assimilate A Critical History Of Industrial Music

S. Alexander (professor Of Music Reed
9780199832606 | Engels | Boek | 2013
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In Assimilate, S. Alexander Reed provides the first ever critical history of industrial music. Through a series of revealing explorations of works spanning the entirety of industrial music's past, and... Meer

€ 26,95

Different Drummers

Michael H. (distinguished Research Professor Of History Kater
9780195165531 | Engels | Boek | 2004
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In 'Different Drummers', Michael Kater explores the underground history of jazz in Hitler's Germany using archival records and assembled interviews. He offers a frightening and fascinating look at lif... Meer

€ 43,95

Laugh If Off Annual 4

9781770097735 | Engels | Boek | 2009
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From adolescence to Zuma, economic Apocalypse to ZA's zeitgeist comes the 4th installment of the Laugh it Off Annual. This title captures the spirit of our young democracy from A to Z at this point in... Meer

€ 17,95

Chant The Names Of God Pb

9780916304799 | Engels | Boek | 1991
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€ 29,50