Data Science for Decision Makers & Data Professionals
Data Science for Decision Makers & Data Professionals

Data Science for Decision Makers & Data Professionals

Creating an Intelligent, Data-Driven Organization with AI, BI & Big Data

Daan van Beek

Hardback / gebonden | Engels
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Data-driven working & data science are the new normal. The tech giants are leading the way, using big data analytics and robots in their everyday activities. For most organizations, managers, decision-makers, and data professionals that’s still a bridge too far, but that future is coming ever closer. This book is for them. In ten clear steps, the author describes the path to creating a mature, intelligent, and data-driven organization. The author shares his novel, refreshing perspective on (big) data, KPIs, dashboards, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and decision-making. He reveals how managers and data professionals can make better and faster decisions using AI and Business Intelligence, leaving their mark on the digital transformation while securing the organization’s future. Embed decision-making based on facts and data into your daily routine and significantly increase the quality of your decisions. Use machine learning to identify patterns and develop your own “8 million dollar insights”. Most AI books read like technical manuals. This book approaches AI from a different angle and with a much wider scope. Under the data science umbrella, the author covers the principles of data-driven working, many kinds of algorithms, and the most important aspects of architecture. He sketches a holistic profile of the intelligent, data-driven organization, a proven success formula applied by tens of thousands of organizations worldwide. Get started now, using a simple report, a cool dashboard, big data, or experiment with a decision tree or neural network. Daan van Beek studied Information Science and attained his Master of Science in AI. He is the founder of Passionned Group, a 100% independent international consulting agency and training institute. Daan hosts AI and BI masterclasses around the world and teaches at various universities.

Daan van Beek studied Information Science and attained his Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence. He is the owner and founder of Passionned Group, a 100% independent consulting and training institute. Daan teaches classes in BI and AI around the world, including at the prestigious schools TIAS and EUR. He has dozens of publications to his name, including four books. Daan regularly speaks at congresses and founded the Dutch BI & Data Science Award.

  • Uitgever
    Passionned Publishers
  • Vertaler
    Nora Elmaliah
  • Druk
  • Verschenen
    jan. 2021
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    247 x 175 x 23 mm
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    947 gram
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    Hardback / gebonden
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